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Altex Industries provides value to our customers with experienced professional engineers throughout the organization. In-house staff as of September 2021:

  • Ten (10) P.Eng. 
  • Three (3) E.I.T.
  • Two (2) B.Eng.
  • Five (5) CET

Breakdown across departments:

  • Sales, thermal design and estimating - 3 P.Eng, 1 EIT, 1 CET
  • Mechanical engineering & drafting - 3 P.Eng, 1 EIT, 2 CET
  • Project management - 1 P.Eng, 2 B.Eng
  • Field services - 1 P.Eng., 1 EIT
  • Senior management - 2 P.Eng, 2 CET









Our engineering team has a diverse range of technical experience and is spread throughout our organization to provide an exceptional level of support throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our team actively keeps up with current codes and standards, as well and any of the unique specifications to your project. This ensures that the engineer at their desk is working off of the same "spec sheet" as the technician in the field.

After fabrication our engineering team provides full post-delivery support and will work closely with our other teams to make sure that all the people working on your project have the right tools, the right skills, and the right specifications to get your project completed.

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