Tube Bundles

Shouldn’t you buy your replacement heat exchanger bundle from a company that actually designs, builds, and services heat exchangers? 

Altex Industries has been designing, building, and servicing shell & tube heat exchangers for over 20-years.  We maintain a large stock of common tubes, plate, and even forgings to ensure quick turnaround on rush and emergency bundle replacement.  We are the only exchanger company in Canada capable of bending and heat-treating U-tubes in-house.


  • Replacement in-kind bundles
  • Upgraded bundle metallurgy
  • Helixchanger retrofit bundles
  • U-bundles
  • Floating Head `S’ and `T’ type
  • Fixed bundles – AEL, BEM, NEN, etc.
  • Clad or weld-overlay
  • Anti-fouling or anti-corrosion coatings
  • Hairpin
  • Rod or strip baffles
  • Low-fin tubes
  • Tube inserts – twisted tape, HiTran, Matrix, etc.
  • Expanded w/ ring-groove, seal-welded, strength-welded

Materials of Construction

  • Carbon Steel - SA-214, SA-179, SA-192, etc.
  • Chrome-Moly - 1/2-Cr, 1-1/4Cr, 2-1/4Cr, 5Cr, 9Cr, 13Cr
  • Stainless Steel - 304, 309, 316, 317, 321, 400 series, etc.
  • Duplex - S32205, S31803
  • Super Duplex - S32750, S32760
  • Nickel alloys - Incoloy®, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, C-276, C-22, N06625, N08825, Alloy 59, C2000, etc.
  • Clad or overlayed tubesheets with above metallurgies



  • ASME VIII-Div.1
  • API 660
  • TEMA R, C, B



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