Field Services

Altex Industries Inc. offers a full line of boilermaker and pipefitter mechanical onsite field services including, but not limited to:

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Maintenance

- Bundle pulling and pushing
- Component disassembly and reassembly
- Blinding and isolation
- Tube plugging and replacement
- Weld repairs (from minor repairs to major repairs (replacement shells,       girth flanges, nozzles, tubesheets etc…))
- Bolt torqueing and tensioning
- Tube air testing (inside of tube and tube to tubesheet joint)
- Tube to tubesheet welding
- Hydrotesting

Air Cooler Maintenance

- Tube replacements
- Header box repairs
- Header plug and gasket replacements
- Tube plugging

Tower Maintenance

- Weld repairs
- Tray work
- Bubble cap repairs

Pressure Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

- ASME Section VIII-1 (U Stamp)
- ASME Section I (S Stamp).
- CSA B51
- NB ‘R’ Stamp
- Multiple Provincial Jurisdictions
- 200 plus weld procedure, including carbon steel, low alloy steel, Duplex SS, High Alloy materials, Nickel Alloys and more
- ASME B31.1 and B31.3 Piping


Boilers and Cogen Maintenance

Portable Machining

Full Field Servicing Support – through strategic alliances to support related services:

- Heat Treating
- Field Machining & Resurfacing
- Bundle, Shell, and Tube Cleaning
- NDT and Inspection
- Hydrotesting

All ALTEX field service projects are 100% supported by our ALTEX fabrication facility and our in-house Engineering teams. ALTEX also has complete in house thermal design capability to assist with your heat transfer equipment requirements. If you need it now, we can deliver. We have the capability, the capacity and decades of experience, allowing ALTEX clients to enjoy complete confidence that we have the ability and commitment to get the job done safely and right the first time, every time. Please contact us to discuss how our ALTEX facilities, equipment and our team’s expertise will optimize your maintenance program.

Shutdowns and Maintenance

Shutdowns and Maintenance

We won't just sell you a product, We'll help you take care of it!

Field Service Equipment

Field Service Equipment

A look at some of the Tools our Highly skilled Field teams will use to get your job done

Bundle Handling

Bundle Handling

Designing, fabricating, installing, and Maintaining tube bundles is one of our specialties