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Drone Video of Altex Industries - Head Office, Main Shop, Air-Cooler Shop, Maintenance Yard

July 16, 2020

New video showcasing Altex Industries main facility and the two adjacent properties that support our Field Services and Air-Cooled heat exchanger divisions.

All engineering, drafting, project management, procurement, QC, and welding occurs out of our shops in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Life Cycle Support for Heat Transfer Equipment

Summary of Altex Industries scope:

  • Engineering - Thermal & mechanical design - FEED and detail engineering
  • Shell & Tube heat exchangers - Including Helixchanger™ licenced technology (helical baffles)
  • Air-Cooled heat exchangers - including winterization (re-circulation)
  • Sulfur Condensers and Waste Heat Boilers
  • Field Services division - large turnaround support - 16 bundle pullers and other specialed equipment in-house
  • Shop and field repair - tubesheet joints, gasket surfaces, pass-plates, heads, tubesheets, 
  • Replacement parts- bundles, heads, channels
  • Re-tubes of fixed-bundle type exchangers
  • Technical support and troubleshooting performance issues
  • Re-rates of existing equipment, with full engineering support - calculations, drawings, and CRN.
  • Retrofit design and supply for increased performance or to solve issues.
  • Spare parts - gaskets, bolting, plugs, header plugs, fans, motors, belts, sheaves, etc.

Please contact us at or 780-468-6862 for sales and support.  

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