Helixchangers - 16 Replacement bundles!
Ryan Fowler
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Helixchangers - 16 Replacement bundles!

May 10, 2019

Altex Industries recently completed and shipped 16 Helixchanger bundles in time to meet a critical turnaround.  

Altex Industries was the first Helixchanger Licensee in Canada and is fast approaching 100 Helixchanger bundles and exchangers built since 2003.  

Helixchangers are best suited to high-viscosity and/or high-fouling shell-side processes, and the ability to maximize shell-side velocity within maximum pressure drop reduces fouling.  Helixchanger designs can reduce total number of exchangers and/or reduce sizes - often at cost savings over conventional baffle types.

"The HELIXCHANGER® heat exchanger uses Lummus Technology's industry-proven, enhanced heat transfer technology to provide solutions for common issues such as shell-side fouling, high-pressure drop and vibration. In the HELIXCHANGER heat exchanger, quadrant shaped baffle plates are placed at an angle to the tube axis in a sequential arrangement to create a helical flow pattern. Whether the need is to extend the operating period between cleaning campaigns of crude preheat exchangers, reduce capital costs in a petrochemical plant or improve energy-efficiency of feed/effluent towers, Lummus Technology's advanced heat exchanger technology offers a lower life-cycle-cost solution. Our experience and know-how comes from more than 4,000 HELIXCHANGER heat exchanger installations in refining, power and petrochemical facilities worldwide.​"

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