Bolt Torquing / Tensioning Program

Altex, with over two decades of experience providing plant unit turnaround, shutdown and maintenance construction and new plant construction, are recognized experts in bolt torquing. Altex is committed to serving our clients by providing fast, accurate, economical and safe bolt torquing service. Altex is committed in providing technicians with the training, knowledge and experience to handle the most critical bolt torquing / tensioning jobs.

Overview of Bolt Torquing/Tensioning Services

Altex field services team applies proven techniques to the disassembly and assembly of bolted connections. Altex acknowledges the critical aspects of each connection based on the following criteria:

  • Flange surface quality.
  • Joint alignment.
  • Gasket selection.
  • Bolt preparation.
  • Bolt lubrication.
  • Uniform bolt loading.

Torquing/Tensioning Quality Control Program

  • Strong field and technical support strengthens Torquing/Tensioning Quality Control Program.
  • All critical elements associated with the bolted connection integrity are controlled.
  • Flanged connections are inspected and restored to ANSI/API specifications.
  • Connections are reassembled and properly aligned using the appropriate gaskets.
  • Bolts and nuts are properly cleaned and lubricated or new ones are utilized.
  • Bolts are tightened in a manner which achieves uniform bolt/flange loading.
  • Engineered and approved written procedures are followed when bolting joints.


  • Fast, accurate, economical and safe procedures that ensure connection integrity.
  • Greatly reduces or eliminate gasket leaks.
  • Our goal: ensure leak-free startups

Multiple applications:

  • Utilize for any size bolt torquing and tensioning job.
  • Easily used in confined spaces.
  • Ideal for exchangers, vessels, pipe flanges, compressor stations, etc.
  • Uniform bolt and flange loading.

Torque/Tension Record Sheets provided to client.

Drilling and Machining Portable Machining Bolt Torquing and Tensioning Program

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